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Industrial Plumbing

The industrial industry spans across a wide range of plumbing and maintenance requirements. Apart from heavily servicing the commercial plumbing industry and conducting domestic and commercial maintenance, Global Plumbing often work on industrial plumbing jobs. Whether it is the everyday issue of drains blocked or an entire factory plumbing job, Global Plumbing is practiced and skilled in all industrial plumbing areas.

Global Plumbing we have specialised professionals for all areas of the industrial industry. Working on large scale factory or warehouse job, our team is dedicated and able to complete an efficient and quality job. Where commercial maintenance and industrial maintenance differ in terms of issues and specific tools and equipment, Global Plumbing is practiced on all levels of work.

Why choose Global Plumbing for your industrial plumbing and industrial maintenance needs?

  • Specialised staff to service different work
  • Work on new, renovation and maintenance jobs
  • All professional and skilled plumbers
  • Provide company owned machinery for jobs
  • Emergency assistance offered

Industrial spaces can be old and run-down, often requiring specialised industrial plumbing. Factories and warehouses can have a build-up of dust and rusting of equipment, which is why Global Plumbing are ideal specialists for all industrial maintenance plumbing jobs. Replacement of pipes and full-service plumbing can be done efficiently, by our skilled professionals.

Global Plumbing Service:

  • Warehouse space
  • Factories
  • Workshops
  • New developments, renovations and maintenance

Industrial transformation:

Industrial plumbing often involves renovating a space and transforming it from industrial to domestic or commercial. As metropolitan Melbourne expands, as does the need for space, hence warehouses are often used and transformed into a commercial store, café or showroom and warehouses are now seen becoming domestic spaces, such as apartments or dwellings. A trusted, practiced and professional industrial plumber is essential for a job that involves shifting a space from one purpose to another, and at Global Plumbing we employ experienced and professionals to work on plumbing and industrial maintenance jobs.

For all information regarding our commercial plumbing and industrial maintenance services, call us on (03) 9562 0522 for more information.

Disclaimer: We have worked on the properties shown in the above images before they were leased/sold out to the current occupants and we are not claiming an endorsement from the current occupants or brand owners.